I’ve lost some friends whether it be recently, or in the past, because of my drive to consistently be right. I know I don’t always need to be right, and even when I think I’m right does not mean I have to interject my opinion into the conversation. I’ve learned that being right all the […]

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Have you ever just loved somebody so much that this love becomes your everything? That no words can describe how much you care for this person? The only way to possibly describe it is when this person contacts you it’s as if your heart is running a marathon, and can only be slowed down by […]

It is still news to her that passion could steer her wrong though she went down, a thousand times strung out across railroad tracks, off bridges under cars, or stiff glass bottle still in hand, hair soft on greasy pillows, still it is news she cannot follow love (his burning footsteps in blue crystal snow) […]


They’re perfect, aren’t they? The way they say your name, or the way their voice crackles in the morning when they try to say hello to you makes you know they care about you. The way their fingers crash into your hair, or collide with yours as you walk side by side down the street […]


I will fully admit that I used to hate Taylor Swift. I just did not like her. I had no reason to dislike her of course, but I was influenced by media interpretations that she is a boy crazy idiot whose music has no validity in our current culture. I’ve actually written a blog post […]


Unlike a lot of people I can fully admit that I’m a tween. I’m a fully functioning intelligent adult, but sometimes I have the emotions of a small tween girl. To quickly define a tween it is a young person between the ages of 10-12 who usually partakes in loving boy bands, and is just […]


Tinder is actually a serious problem. It’s mildly okay when sober, but when you’re drunk prepare yourself for the gates of hell to open. You’re going to open that Pandora’s box and you cannot simply just close it the next day. As a preface: Tinder is a social media application for Iphone users. It connects […]


Birthdays are something that genuinely confuse me. I honestly do not understand why people are so serious about the day they were pushed into the world? Perhaps I am too cynical (which I haven’t totally ruled out), but I think it goes deeper than that. A birthday is supposed to celebrate the day you were […]


No matter how hard you try, this person will never love you. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s because they can’t. While it’s possible to love two people at once, someone always comes out on top, and sweetie, it isn’t you. Sometimes people are emotionally unavailable, and they just keep other people around […]


(Photo from Tumblr) I would like to make a very general statement and believe that Glen Coco is secretly everyone’s alter ego. He gets a lot of candy canes in the movie Mean Girls, and the phrase ‘YOU GO GLEN COCO’ shouted out by Damian signals that the name Glen Coco must be correlated with […]


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